It has been widely reported in the media that Bob Dylan could not attend the Nobel ceremony on December 10th because he was “too busy.”  What sort of “busy” could prevent the Nobel Laureate in Literature from attending?  Well just maybe, and ironically, it could be that the “State Bird of Minnesota” had some standing plans to produce some new literary works with Daniel Lanois’ “Studio on the Move” at that time.

A few days ago, one J. Higgins, a sound engineer tweeted:
“Studio on the Move welcomes Jimi Hendrix’s custom-made mixing console. The State Bird of Minnesota flies in tomorrow. I feel so privileged!”

The tweet and an instagram photo of a vintage mixing console were subsequently deleted and the Twitter account deactivated.  It may be that J. Higgins is no longer privileged (and might be out of a job).  But fans of Dylan and his masterpiece works produced with Lanois, 1989’s Oh Mercy and 1997’s Time Out of Mind, are excitedly left wondering whether a third chapter might be on the horizon?


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