Todd Sheaffer, best known as the lead vocalist and songwriter for the band, Railroad Earth (and previously the band From Good Homes) , wrapped up a 5 show tour of Colorado that commenced on March 28 and ended on April 1, 2018.  Sheaffer not only showed off his stellar singer/songwriter skills on the tour, but also his excellent guitar chops.  Although Sheaffer tends to play single solo shows sporadically – most often on days off while on Railroad Earth tour – the 5 show solo run, all in Colorado, gave fans a chance to see an extensive number of Sheaffer’s songs as well as covers played in stripped down form — with ballads and rockers alike essentially recreated as folk tunes.

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The Colorado Tour was instigated by Andrew McConathy, lead singer/songwriter for the Colorado-based band, The Drunken Hearts, who asked Sheaffer to open up for the band at two of their shows, in Denver and Fort Collins, celebrating the release of their newest album, The Prize.  Sheaffer apparently agreed enthusiastically (as evidenced by his heartfelt shout out to McConathy and The Drunken Hearts at many of the shows on the tour) and set up 3 additional shows, two before the album release shows, in Colorado Springs and Vail, and one after, in Crested Butte.

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Attentive to the fact that some fans would be following the tour for several shows, Sheaffer played only a minimal number of repeats. He also gave repeated shout-outs to his fans in general and in a couple of instances, to particular fans.  The repertoire consisted of songs, both common and rare, from the catalogs of Railroad Earth, From Good Homes, Todd Sheaffer solo (both recorded and unrecorded songs) and interesting covers.  One fun aspect of his solo shows is the between-song banter that often lends insight into the events and state of mind that led him to write and/or perform various songs.

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Two notable experiences among many that occurred on the tour were Todd playing a post-show “Storms” for fans who had stayed after the Colorado Springs show and a sit-in for two songs. “Long Way To Go” and “Roadhouse Blues” with The Drunken Hearts in Denver.

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Seeing Todd solo is a profoundly satisfying and joyous experience.  It provides an opportunity to enjoy his songs as they likely began – stripped down, performed by just Todd accompanied by his guitar in traditional folksinger fashion.  If he is performing single shows (let alone a multi-show tour!) in your area, we highly recommend attending!

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Here is an alphabetical listing of the songs played by Sheaffer on the tour:

A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall
All That’s Dead May Live Again
Bird in a House
Bright Side of the Road
Came Up Smilin’
Captain Nowhere
Charlie Loves Our Band
Cold Water
Comin’ on Home
Dance a Hole
Ferris Wheel Waltz
Girl of the North Country
Grandfather Mountain
Hangtown Ball
Hard Livin’
Hole in Your Heart
House on a Hill
I Only Want
If the Wind Blows
I’ve Endured
Let It Rock
Like a Buddha
Lonecroft Farewell
Long Way To Go (with The Drunken Hearts)
Lost in Your Powers
My Back Pages
‘Neath the Stars
Oh Mary, Don’t You Weep
Old Soul
On the Banks
Passing Through
Railroad Earth
Roadhouse Blues (with The Drunken Hearts)
Second Red Barn on the Right
Seven Story Mountain
Sometimes a River
Spacey Johnny
Sunshine (dedicated to Allan Ronquillo)
Suzanna Walker
Take a Bow
The Giving Tree
The Good Life
The Jupiter and the 119
Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World
Wharf Rat
Where Songs Begin

Below we present YouTube videos of many songs performed on the tour:

Videos below captured by Re:Create editor David Tracer:

Girl of The North Country 3/28/18:

Hangtown Ball 3/28/18:

Suzanna Walker 3/29/18:

Sometimes A River 3/29/18:

A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall 3/29/18:

Long Way To Go (w/Drunken Hearts) 3/30/18:

Hole in Your Heart 3/30/18:

Sunshine 3/31/18:

Seven Story Mountain 3/31/18:

Like a Buddha 3/31/18:

Videos below captured by Kyle Isaac – thank you Kyle!:

Raindance 3/30/18:

If The Wind Blows 3/30/18:

Charlie Loves Our Band 3/30/18:

Spacey Johnny 3/30/18:

Roadhouse Blues (w/Drunken Hearts) 3/30/18